In the past, B2B companies concentrated on marketing their solutions to businesses only and B2C companies focused on marketing to consumers. However, as the digital revolution disrupts the way we’ve traditionally done business in all industries, there is a need to communicate with both our intermediary customers (payers – agents, distributors and partners) and end users.


This brings about the need to transition from a more traditional Business-to-Business (B2B) model into a newer Business-to-Business-to User (B2B2U©) model, and to start raising awareness among all users – at all points along the value chain and customer journey.


Because at the end of the day, even if B2B companies aren’t selling directly to end users, they still need to engage with them to understand end-user challenges, meet end-user needs and ultimately create bottom-up demand for their brand.


Through this approach, our clients are able to instill a more meaningful, one-on-one conversation with prospects to raise brand awareness, create bottom-up demand, shorten sales cycles and increase growth.




Photography: Aya Ben-Ezri

“We started the journey with OZ back in 2007 when Maytronics became a global company. With OZ at our side, our brand promise has become an integral part of our organization and we have been able to build and maintain our reputation as industry leader in automated electronic pool cleaning technology for private and commercial pools.”

Eyal Tryber, CEO of Maytronics
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