While manufacturers are increasingly turning to production automation, there’s slower adoption of marketing automation. When need for personal communication throughout the supply chain has never been greater, you need the platforms that will allow you to nurture your leads and delight your customers.

As the competitive landscape becomes increasingly crowded, your potential customers are able to go online and with a few clicks of a mouse, find a vast variety of solutions to their business challenges. But are they finding yours?

While in the past, communication might have been directed solely to your distributors, today, you’re talking to multiple audiences from intermediary customers to end users. Each have varying concerns, pressures and needs.

That’s why you need to move from a traditional B2B model to a Business-to-Business-to User (B2B2U©) model. Because even if you’re not selling directly to your end users, you still need to engage with them to understand their challenges, meet their needs, and ultimately create a bottom-up demand for your brand.

That’s where we can help. Creating ongoing conversations with potential and existing customers, so they understand what you have to offer and you can understand what they need. It’s win-win.

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