Medical & healthcare

The medical & healthcare industry is characterized by a focus on research and development, innovation, and cutting-edge technologies that bring about significant improvements in the healthcare industry.


Traditionally, this strong belief in technology has led to a product-centric approach where product features and benefits are emphasized more than value to patient-consumers (end users).


However, as we enter a new age of healthcare, the “Social Health” era, the focus is shifting to informed patient-consumers. With ever-increasing access to information, patient-consumers are empowered to make choices for themselves by researching and even shopping online for everything from health plans and doctors to medical equipment and insurance policies.


As the digital revolution disrupts the way we’ve traditionally done business in the medical and healthcare space, there is a need to communicate with both intermediary customers (payers) and patient-consumers. This means transitioning from a more traditional Business-to-Business (B2B) model into a newer Business-to-Business-to User (B2B2U©) model.


Because at the end of the day, even if you aren’t selling directly to your patient-consumers, you still need to engage with them to understand their challenges, meet their needs and ultimately create bottom-up demand for your brand.


We help our medical & healthcare customers as they move to a B2B2U model.  We understand the full extent of this long-term process and start by identifying patient-consumers and gathering information about their challenges. Once identified, we help open up direct channels of communication with them, in order to offer them valuable information and fully communicate each company’s true value and contribution to its patient-consumers.


And we don’t stop there. We carry on pushing boundaries so that our customers and their customers continue to benefit from the next medical breakthrough.


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“We worked on Mazor X for a few years and leveraged our pioneering experience in guidance technology successfully used by hundreds of surgeons. During the development lifecycle, we understood the equal importance of creating a brand that clearly communicates the unique benefits of this next generation product for surgeons, hospitals, and patients, and successfully did this by collaborating with OZ.”

Anat Kaphan, VP Product & Corporate Marketing Strategy, Mazor Robotics
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