Global trends still embrace the use of plastic in a wide range of applications. However, there is also more and more focus on environmental concerns, consumer needs and regulatory demands.


As a result, a once traditional industry is finding itself face to face with end customers who have far more say in every aspect of the product they purchase than ever before.


We help our clients in the plastics industry navigate this transition by researching and understanding the needs of their customers and end users, developing value-based brands, implementing and leveraging them internationally, and communicating directly with end users to enhance brand awareness.

“Together with OZ, we were able to successfully define our what, our how, and most importantly our why – our belief in fresh and safe food products, which drives our commitment to create excellent and flexible packaging for our customers.  Once we’d reached the values at the heart of our business, we could then more easily communicate them to our customers and enhance brand awareness in all the markets we serve.”

Yifat Gottlieb, CMO of Plastopil
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