Water Tech

Israel has been struggling with a shortage of potable water since its inception. As a result, it is now a flourishing world-leader and successful exporter of water technologies and Cleantech.


From drip irrigation, to water recycling, reclamation, wastewater reuse and desalination, and more, Israel is home to multiple B2B companies that develop innovative technologies for storing and improving water quality for drinking, irrigation, and industry usage.


We specialize in helping our clients thrive in the international market by creating authentic brands and long-term marketing strategies that are specifically adapted to the unique nature of water technologies and Cleantech markets.

“We rely on OZ to help us deliver on our commitment to clean water worldwide. We’ve been working with them for almost 10 years and see them as a partner in successfully getting the word out about our wide range of innovative solutions, and in building a worldwide reputation for efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.”

Arik Dayan, Former CEO of Amiad
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