Brand strategy

Together, we define a sound strategy that reflects your company values and paves the way for what comes after. 


For each of our customers, we create a multi-faceted and authentic brand strategy. We do this by digging deep into the DNA of your company and your competitive landscape, and helping to define:


Who you are − your core values and current and future vision


What you do, how you do it, and for whom – your offering, your market, your buyer personas and their journey, and your customers’ perception of your product/service


Why you do it – your value proposition and brand promise


Once equipped with a strong definition of the above, we continue to work together to create a brand strategy that both reflects your company and serves you as a platform for international growth and success.

“We started the journey with OZ when we expanded our global presence with the goal of becoming an international market leader. With OZ at our side, our brand promise has become an integral part of our organization and we have been able to build and maintain our reputation as industry leader in automated electronic pool cleaning technology for private and commercial pools.”

Eyal Tryber, CEO of Maytronics
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