Employer Branding

“We believe your company’s culture and your company’s brand are just two sides of the same coin.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO, ZAPPOS


Are you branded to attract the best employees in the market?


As the Israeli market continues to break records and global multinational companies open more and more R&D centers in Israel, the competition for highly qualified engineers and programmers is growing exponentially. Companies need to get creative with their employer branding to stay competitive and recruit and retain talented employees.


employer branding

What is employer branding?

While a company’s brand is the way the company is perceived in the market and helps customers distinguish it from its competitors, employer brand is the way the company is perceived by its employees and prospective candidates.


Employer branding defines your company’s specific vision, values and culture and highlights what makes you special. It is the foundation of your reputation and work environment, and determines whether or not people will want to join and stay in your organization.


Attracting the right candidates and successfully retaining the best talent largely depend on your employer branding and your ability to spread your story both within your organization and externally. Sending clear messages about your branding efforts to your employees, employee branding increases their sense of identification, with the organization and creates a feeling of community and belonging. This builds their loyalty and their willingness to be part of your recruitment process and makes them into brand ambassadors of your company.


By setting clear goals, defining and developing a distinct employer brand and then nurturing this identity and culture, employer branding can be used to gain a strong competitive edge in an increasingly competitive global market.


employee branding

Employer branding with OZ Global B2B

At OZ Global B2B, our goal is to help you integrate your brand promise with your company values to create an employer brand that stands out in the market. This will help position you as an employer of choice so you can improve employee recruitment, engagement and sense of pride to support continuous growth and success.


We work with you to understand your business, define a clear strategy and identify WHY your employees work for your company. We also research external perceptions of your company and review the competitor arena. Once we have extracted a clear employer brand promise and main message from this, we go on to create a visual brand experience that is unique and reflects your employer brand promise and values.
We then go on to launch and communicate your employer promise, messages and visuals across a variety of online and offline platforms to your managers and employees. We also communicate your employer brand externally, develop and implement a customized recruitment plan that includes online campaigns and activities.

Your employees as brand ambassadors

In order to motivate your employees and create a more connected experience, we collaborate with them throughout the employer branding process wherever possible. This more inclusive approach keeps employees onboard and increases their loyalty. By encouraging them to contribute to the efforts and enhancing loyalty, your employees can become brand ambassadors that help recruit other talent.


Targeting specific markets
OZ Global B2B pinpoints your recruitment efforts to targeted audiences and analyzes these campaigns using tested measurement tools. Understanding the complexities of attracting the right talent, OZ Global B2B uses LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms as tools to attract the right candidates to your company. To spread the news about your culture, we also help you ensure your digital assets are updated to clearly reflect your employer brand and new positions. We put together eight tips and strategies that can help you improve your employer branding.

8 strategies for improved employer branding

  1. Know your culture and your vision. Be focused, honest, realistic and keep it simple.
  2. Involve your employees in the process and listen to their feedback. Remember that your goal is for them to ultimately act as brand ambassadors and recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances.
  3. Use social media to clearly communicate your values and employer brand messaging.
  4. Keep up with market trends and adapt your strategies if needed.
  5. Treat candidates with care. Update them on their recruitment process even if they did not get the position they had applied for.
  6. Look after and invest in your existing talent. It’s more cost-effective than recruiting new staff.
  7. Set clear milestones and KPIs to monitor the success of your employer branding strategies.
  8. Continuously evaluate your competitors to see how they are using their employer brands to recruit and retain employees.

“By working with OZ, we learnt the importance of defining a brand promise that is authentic and fully represents our strengths and uniqueness. We also learnt the importance of “walking the talk” and ensuring that our management leads the brand implementation within the company to ensure continuity, consistency, and full employee engagement.”

Inbal Lavi, CEO of Webpals
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