Data & analytics

Together, we review and measure real-time performance analytics and ‘track and act’ based on ongoing customer and marketing data.


We take your success personally – which is why we’re here for the long run. We accompany you as your business evolves over time and at different critical points when it takes shape, shifts or changes.


Underpinned by a strong belief in data and analytics, we continuously review and measure your real-time performance, customer and market data. This “tracking and acting” approach enables us to help you adapt to dynamic market and customer trends and shifts – and push boundaries to grow and become world leaders in your field.

“We are constantly looking for creative ways to support our sales teams and generate quality leads. When we came up with the idea of creating the Amiad FilterIT digital app to help end users find the best solutions for their needs, we asked OZ who we’ve been working with for about 10 years for help.

They supported us in researching our buyer personas, building the app so we could simultaneously help our end users, promote products, and generate leads to create a quality database. And the results spoke for themselves!”

Sandra Shapira, Director of Corporate Communications, Amiad
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