Oz Branding History

Founded in 1996 by Orit Oz and located in Northern Israel, Oz Branding began as a design studio. During the last 20 years, the team at OZ has promoted the Israeli industry in the global marketplace. We work closely with our customers to create world-class brands across multiple sectors.


With experience in helping B2B companies from multiple sectors build design and brand strategies, clarify their vision, define and achieve business goals, we have never stopped moving forward and upgrading our approach and services.


Over these years, we’ve evolved from a design studio into a design & branding firm, and today, we are a full-service B2B agency. We offer our customers the entire spectrum of B2B marketing services including design, brand and marketing strategy, visual identity, customer experience, digital and inbound (as a certified HubSpot partner), employee engagement, storytelling, content, data, and analytics.


Just over a year ago, we decided that we cannot be a “barefoot shoemaker”, and we undertook a rebranding process that tranformed Oz Branding into OZ Global B2B.


Our rebranding process included a new visual identity – OZ Global B2B website and an inbound marketing minisite – and new messaging and content that clearly reflects our end-to-end B2B service offering.


In addition, we recently branched out to the UK and opened OZ Global UK, from where we will be offering end-to-end B2B branding services to customers, their subsidiaries, their distributors in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Our branding roots

Over the last 20 years, we’ve been helping our customers dig deep to uncover their true values to their customers. We then help them to communicate this internally and externally in an authentic and engaging manner – that is, to develop, implement and communicate a meaningful brand.


Going beyond the idea that design is inspired by the brand, we embark on a deeper journey into the heart of brand strategy for B2B. The more we focus on unlocking the brand through a systematic approach of discovering the essential truth about who each company’s customers are and what they value, the more powerful the visual identity and brand design becomes.


Our goal is to create a multi-faceted and comprehensive B2B brand strategy for each customer through communication and ongoing collaboration. This involves performing extensive research on the DNA of each company, hosting workshops and interviews with employees and end customers, and understanding the competitive landscape. This helps our customers clearly define their vision, core values, offering, target markets, value proposition, and brand promise.


Branding doesn’t stop there. We see the brand promise as a growth platform. It’s not only the words used to communicate the value that companies offer to their customers. It also holds the key to organizational transformation.

Going global

With a well-established foundation in B2B branding and strategy for local markets, we push the boundaries to help our customers as they expand into global markets.


We first partner with them on a creative journey to define core company values, messages, and brand promise, which is then translated into a unique brand language and global B2B strategy to attract leads, convert them into customers and ensure they become happy promoters of the brand. With a newly developed brand identity that includes visual design backed by content and marketing collateral, our clients are positioned to compete in the global marketplace.


From strategy to design and implementation, our goal is to create meaningful brand stories, keep our clients’ brands relevant in an ever-changing digital world, and set them apart from competitors – all while building brand sustainability and long-term brand equity.

Digital disruption equals opportunity

The Internet has changed everything about how we live, shop, learn, and make choices, and companies face new challenges to keep up. Customers are spending more and more time online, which means that so we need to be there too.


It’s not only about building websites, sending email blasts and creating online ads. It’s the realization that the Internet is now the primary platform for showcasing how we offer value through meaningful content on the right channels, and how we contribute to the knowledge space of each industry or market.


With the rise of digital marketing and the opportunity to grow our offering, we jumped straight into the world of online and inbound marketing and developed a full-service inbound marketing methodology for B2B industries.


Because inbound marketing is all about drawing customers to you through valuable content, we prioritized how we can most effectively share and respond to what our clients need, and use our expertise to create multiple forms of content and distribute them on an array of channels.


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Our relationship with content

With inbound marketing at front and center, content is what sets you apart. As a result of of our history helping companies develop their brand story and to reach their target audiences, we were ready to help them craft engaging B2B content regularly and distribute it through strategic channels.


Our B2B brand identity expertise, diverse client partnerships, and solid positioning in the inbound marketing space enable us to support our clients by creating high-quality content to keep customers happy and engaged, grow their audience, generate new leads, convert leads into buyers, raise brand awareness, and improve brand perception.


Creating engaging content requires some key strategic steps, including identifying the audience, planning and creating, smart distribution, and analysis of what works. Guidance through this process together with offline B2B content support such as brochures, signage, and packaging has been a critical part of our offering as a branding agency.


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Strategic partnerships

As part of OZ’s evolution and growth over the last 20 years, we have partnered with worldwide companies and networks to offer the highest level of expertise and B2B solutions. As certified HubSpot partners and members of the E3 International Agency Network, we have expanded our expertise in the inbound and digital marketing world and built partnerships with worldwide strategists and independent branding agencies.


We became a certified HubSpot partner as part of our growth in the inbound and content marketing space. This helps us support our customers in achieving their goals in online B2B marketing, and also allows us to offer expert marketing automation capabilities that track and analyze results to provide data-driven goal analysis.

E3 International Agency Network

Once we began empowering our clients to reach global markets, we engaged with the E3 International Agency Network, which operates in 31 countries around the world to provide global and local branding solutions. As a proud and certified member, we’ve benefited from the network’s support, connections and innovation to better serve our clients’ B2B needs.

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