Exceptional Experience

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Maytronics provides a wide range of products for automated pool cleaning, environment-friendly water treatment and pool safety that deliver an exceptional pool experience to residential and commercial swimming pool owners and operators around the world.


Over the years, Maytronics has expanded globally and become an acknowledged market leader, setting international standards for unmatched technological innovation coupled with highly aesthetic designs.


The successful global expansion of Maytronics gave rise to some new and unique challenges, and in 2007, the company turned to OZ for help in maintaining the unique Maytronics company culture, value and DNA, while building a strong and growing global brand.


With a focus on Maytronics’ core values — which include customer focus, excellence, innovation and creativity, personal responsibility, teamwork and collaboration, integrity and fairness — we joined the company in a worldwide organizational and branding process and successfully assisted in enhancing the internal company dialog, reinforcing its brand promise of Exceptional Experience, and creating a strong global brand with a highly committed team all over the world.


Together, we achieved the goal of creating and maintaining a unique Maytronics company culture, value and DNA, and building and implementing a strong global brand based on the brand promise of “exceptional experience”.



Photography: Aya Ben-Ezri

“We started the journey with OZ when we expanded our global presence with the goal of becoming an international market leader. With OZ at our side, our brand promise has become an integral part of our organization and we have been able to build and maintain our reputation as industry leader in automated electronic pool cleaning technology for private and commercial pools.”


Eyal Tryber, CEO of Maytronics
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