Be Ahead Together

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Webpals is a fast-growing performance marketing company that specializes in online and mobile traffic monetization. Operating on an international scale and part of the publicly-traded XL Media Group, WebPals is a multi-cultural organization that places a lot of emphasis on hiring dynamic professionals from varied locations around the world.


To actively meet the challenge of recruiting and retaining high-quality talent, WebPals turned to OZ  to create and implement a meaningful “employer brand” both within the company and externally.

Through a creative and ongoing process that included the definition of a brand strategy, brand design, an internal and external brand launch, and ongoing brand implementation, a differentiating brand promise “Be Ahead, Together” was created to reflect the company’s commitment to personal leadership, freedom to operate and ownership, combined with its international, young and dynamic, and open corporate culture.



Production: Igloo

“By working with OZ, we learnt the importance of defining a brand promise that is authentic and fully represents our strengths and uniqueness. We also learnt the importance of “walking the talk” and ensuring that our management leads the brand implementation within the company to ensure continuity, consistency, and full employee engagement.”

Inbal Lavi, CEO of Webpals
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