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What are you searching for?

What is SEO & why do you need it?

Search engine optimization is a critical component of any effective digital marketing strategy.
Optimizing your website for search engines can:

Increase your visibility, reach your target audience, attract more traffic, and drive more conversions and revenue
Improves the user experience by making your website more navigable and easier to find
Helps you stay ahead of your competitors by ranking higher in search engine results

OK, so how do you get started?

It’s all about words. Keywords

What keywords are your potential customer searching for? What keywords position you versus your competitors? By conducting research based on your current site content, we’ll determine the key phrases and content pillars that will get your customers clicking through to your site.

Get ready for GA4 - Drive Smart Marketing with Intelligent Data Insights

Smart definitions lead to smart marketing and the right approach to your data, providing you with detailed information on your site activity, strategic sources for relevant users, user activity on content pages, and understanding user activity on your website.

Optimize your content

Your site need to be fully optimized once it’s been entered in the content management system including: Meta title tags, description tags, alternate text for images, and internal links, based on planned page hierarchy.

Create high-value content

When looking for a content writer, you’ll come across automatically generated content (if you’re lucky) or one whose sole aim is to flood the copy with keywords. However, effective writing delivers value, so we strongly recommend writing one quality blog versus a series of blogs that lack useful or relevant content. Our English-speaking writers write high-value content that attracts quality readers.

How it works

Site audit and optimization report including checking links, error pages, link structure, and improving the buyer’s journey through the site.
Comprehensive keyword research that includes a review of competitors, website content and key terms from the relevant industry in your field.
Content optimization aligned with keyword research — meta tags, page and image descriptions, site code review, site hierarchy, and adjusting the content for maximum crawling by search engines.
Adapting the website framework to a format for optimal indexing by Google.
Monthly status report carried out on Zoom.

Orly Gilad

Head of SEO & Digital Marketing Manager

Our SEO Packages

SEO for new website launch & migration

3-month project

Tailor-made solution for new websites or migrating to a new domain / platform

Ongoing SEO management

Ongoing yearly retainer

Complete, holistic solution to rank higher on search engines and reach your target audience

Multi-content ongoing SEO management

Ongoing yearly retainer

Holistic solution to rank higher and reach your target audience including content support