Culture & employee engagement

Together, we work to communicate your brand internally to keep your employees engaged, connected and committed.


“If the brand is the promise, the employees are the promise keepers.” – Nicholas Ind


In our focus on promoting our brands in the marketplace, we often overlook one of the most powerful assets we have – our employees. In fact, our ability to create a strong brand and fulfil our brand promise to our customers is strongly affected by our employees’ connection to our corporate brand and values.


We help you communicate your brand internally to create a strong brand culture and consistently ensure that your employees are engaged, connected and committed. This in turns gives your B2B brand strength, meaning and authenticity both internally and within the marketplace.

“By working with OZ, we learnt the importance of defining a brand promise that is authentic and fully represents our strengths and uniqueness. We also learnt the importance of “walking the talk” and ensuring that our management leads the brand implementation within the company to ensure continuity, consistency, and full employee engagement.”

Inbal Lavi, CEO of Webpals
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