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Let’s talk about hearts. Your customers’ hearts.

Developing a powerful visual language is built on understanding what touches your customers. What emotional buttons you need to press. How do you want your customers to perceive your brand? What emotions will the brand evoke? All these insights are derived from the strategic messaging.


Translating the emotional and sensory world into a visual world is an art. It’s about creating a compelling and memorable visual story that generates an emotional response, while communicating your unique value.

At OZ, our experienced and skilled team accompany you every step of the way, refining the visuals until we’re telling your story the way you want to tell it.


Building the brand is just the beginning of the story. Now it’s time to share it with the world. As part of our 360° marketing support, our digital marketing team helps you multiply your global impact.

Our Creative Process

Moving from information to ideas

The design process starts by gathering detailed information on your business, marketing goals, target audiences, competitive landscape, and more.
It’s from these in-depth insights that ideas are created. Ideas that differentiate every product – whether simple or complex – and motivate your target audiences to act.

Designing the visual concept

Once the marketing ideas and goals have been defined, the building blocks of the design start to take form — shapes, colors, typography, composition, format, and more. It’s here, working closely with our client, that we define what imagery the target audience will identify with. We start creating a visual story that will stir their emotions — continually experimenting and testing directions, before zooming in, selecting, and finetuning the winning concept.

Bringing the concept to life

Once the creative concept has been selected, the expression of the ideas and visual language are transformed into the broad spectrum of deliverables that make up the marketing mix.
Every element is meticulously executed to ensure a coherent and consistent creative concept that meets your needs and motivates your potential customers to respond and take action.

Launching to the market

The real test starts here — launching to the market and gauging the response of the target audience. Measuring results isn’t about what your target audience considers beautiful, but rather what rings true.
These responses are carefully monitored and measured to understand if your goals are being achieved and whether finetuning is required.
Our work is done!

Your Brand. Brought to Life.

Effective designs are measured by their versatility. Building on a strong and focused foundation, we develop your brand language in any format. Our large toolbox of skills, backed up and updated with the current technologies in the market, includes web design, 3D design, and AI images.

Branding and Creative Collateral

The visual identity creates a memorable, authentic picture of your brand that captures your customers’ attention and keeps it. The brand book ensures that your company is instantly recognizable and stays on brand across all touchpoints.

Every piece of marketing collateral, precisely tailored to differentiate your brand, tells your unique story. From logos, brochures, and web design through digital campaigns and exhibitions, your brand’s story must be told memorably, powerfully, and cleverly. Your brand image needs to be both consistent and versatile: consistently communicating your brand personality, while versatile enough to translate into a wide variety of media.

Digital. Delivered.

Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, our digital team builds and executes an effective online strategy to ensure your message gets out on the right channels at the right time, using a combination of carefully crafted copy, standout graphics, and eye-catching videos. Our deep familiarity with your brand enables our designers to sync with our digital managers to ensure the best results.

Motion & 3D

3D modelling takes graphic visualization to the next level, explaining complex technology or telling your product story with lifelike and striking imagery.

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Web Design

Our UX/UI team understands your customer journey and creates a user experience that ensures your customers get the information they need and the support they want.
Designing websites include specifying the site structure, develop the brand language through creative design using animations & 3D visualizations, programming, connect to digital and CRM platforms to meet your sales and marketing goals.

Website & Document Accessibility

All websites and products need to be accessible to physically challenged people. It’s not a nice-to-have, it’s a must — following regulations striving to achieve equal rights for people with disabilities, anyone who fails to address these important needs can be fined.

OZ can assist you in making your various media accessible, including websites, applications and documents. Alternatively, you can carry out accessibility independently, backed by our specialized training adapted to your organization.

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UX/UI – Product Design

To ensure a consistent customer experience from the marketing phase through purchase and use, your product must speak the brand language. Leveraging our deep understanding of the customer journey and needs, we specialize in meticulous design for product and application interfaces, finding functional solutions while paying attention to the smallest detail. Our team is skilled in building a design system and preparing mockups as needed and according to the requirements of the development team.

Our partners say that...


Adi Mande

Marketing Director

We are enthusiastic, believe in, and were so amazed by how OZ managed to capture the essence of our company visually and translate it into various channels such as social networks, our website, or exhibitions. This visual language accompanies us – it’s with us everywhere and seems as if it has always been there.


Noa Yonish

Head of Brand & Marketing Communication

OZ are Maytronics’ long-term partners, they have supported us for years and continue to support us in building marketing strategies and providing ongoing brand consultation. They also know how to give us a creative and professional answer and “crack” every challenge we put before them.


Efrat Schlagman

Global Marketing Communications Manager

OZ has many, many years of experience in industry and B2B, which is a huge advantage for us. Beyond the fact that they are experts in storytelling, from branding through strategy and the creation of marketing materials, they also have a complete package of solutions and services. In addition, their human capital is amazing, charming, high quality, dedicated, and fun to work with. I highly recommend it!



Osi Tagger


I think the wonderful thing you do is your ability to listen. Otherwise it is impossible to be as precise as you are in the way you turn a complex message into a brilliant reflection.
And beyond this professionalism of yours, you are a group of people that I want to be friends with, simply because you always make us feel that you see us, that you care, that you want us to succeed.


Maor Aloni

VP sales & marketing

I want to say something really simple: Even in my previous job, where I worked for ten years, I talked to Orit Oz about when we’d work together and I always said, “Maybe one day.” I even put it in writing. Today, I only want to say one thing, after two years of working with OZ, “If I’d known what it would be like to work with OZ, we would be marking twelve years of working together.”

Bella Tamuz

Marketing Communications Manager

Oz – strength, courage, bravery, courage and more. I will add something that is not found in the dictionary under the meaning of the word – thinking outside the box. Each and every one of the human fabric of Oz knows how to lead professionally, through the land and adapt in all the intricacies of the global marketing world, whether it is in strategy, digital Or designing a greeting. Oz are partners from the first second.

Ilana Engel-Regev

M.D, Marketing Communications & Clinical Support

From the very beginning it was quite clear that this is a serious company with a long-term horizon for continued support. The feeling of the partnership gradually arrived together with other joint projects of internal branding, accompanying sales conferences and more, we see in Oz a company that does not stop developing and constantly exploring new horizons and new ways to promote its customers in the areas of B2B marketing. We are happy to be counted among its clients.


Vardit Harzman

Marcom Manager

Oz Global are more than just a supplier. This team of experts have become my partners in promoting the brand. They are always available to take my calls. They ensure on time delivery of all open tasks. They provide multi-layered support of graphic design, digital marketing planning and execution, website design, and copywriting. Above all, they are true believers in what we have to offer to the market.

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