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Knowing your needs. Empowering your growth.

Ginegar is a world-leading and well-known global brand name with over 45 years of experience in smart covers for intensive agriculture, horticulture and industrial applications. As part of Ginegar’s business strategy to reinforce its reputation as a global leader and strengthen market penetration in strategic markets, the company started a rebranding process with OZ.
The scope of the process, which includes ongoing collaboration between the two companies, included:
1. Refining Ginegar’s brand through a deeper understanding of market and employee perceptions about the company.
2. Definition of the advantages and differentiating value proposition of the company.
3. Consolidation of the brand hierarchy in light of Ginegar’s wide range of products and market segments in which the company operates.
4. Creation of verbal and visual messages based on these values that will serve as a platform for promoting and leveraging the company internally and in the market.
Based on our findings, we defined a central message: “Knowing your needs. Empowering your growth”, which was then used to develop a comprehensive visual and brand identity that includes a new logo, messaging, marketing collateral, content, and website.

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