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Mazor Robotics is a leading innovator in spine surgery and its Mazor Robotics Guidance Systems enable surgeons to conduct spine and brain procedures in a more accurate and secure manner. As part of the company’s belief in healing through innovation by developing and introducing revolutionary technologies and products aimed at redefining the standard of quality care, Mazor Robotics developed and recently released the Mazor X, a transformative guidance platform for spine surgeries.


The goal of the Mazor X is to enhance predictability and patient benefit through the combination of analytical tools, multiple-source data, precision guidance, optical tracking, intra-op verification, and connectivity technologies.


During the development of Mazor X, Mazor Robotics trusted OZ and Adlai & Partners with the creation and implementation of a meaningful and compelling brand for the new product.


Together, we identified key values for multiple customer segments, and created a compelling brand promise for the new product — Align With Experience.

“We worked on Mazor X for a few years and leveraged our pioneering experience in guidance technology successfully used by hundreds of surgeons. During the development lifecycle, we understood the equal importance of creating a brand that clearly communicates the unique benefits of this next generation product for surgeons, hospitals, and patients, and successfully did this by collaborating with OZ.”

Anat Kaphan, VP Product & Corporate Marketing Strategy, Mazor Robotics
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